Koncert HYB4: Takahashi-Cremaschi-Procházka-Wróblewski

Koncert HYB4: Takahashi-Cremaschi-Procházka-Wróblewski

Hlavní sál
Meeting of four improvisers. One based in Berlin, other based in Prague. No one knows what will happen.
Marie Takahashi – viola
George Cremaschi- bass
Vojtěch Procházka- piano
Michal Wróblewski- sax

Marie Takahashi, modern and baroque violist, improviser was born in Sapporo, Japan, in 1985.

After her studies and career as a classical musician in Japan and in Europe she moved to Berlin in 2016. Inspired by this city she started more original and creative activities such as improvisations, collaborations with different kinds of artists and performing new arrangements of baroque pieces.

In 2018 she started experimental composition using calligraphy techniques , colors, shapes and numbers . Her debut as a composer with Reanimation Quartet had a big success.

Having baroque music as her base she builds vivid contrast of minimal , abstract and emotional sounds on it.

George Cremaschi works with a variety of approaches and strategies in the areas overlapping music, sound art and

noise. In thirty years as a composer and performer he has a long and diverse history of working with musicians, filmmakers,

dancers and choreographers, visual artists, and writers. Some of his current projects include the groups KRK (w/Matthew Ostrowski), Rohr Rohr (w/dieb13 and Gino Robair) and Lambs Gamble (w/Fritz Welch and Eric Boros).

He is also the founder (w/Petr Vrba) and director of Prague Improvisation Orchestra (PIO), a 15-member group working

with conducted and free improvisation and graphic scores.

As an improviser he has worked with many people including Liz Allbee, Marshall Allen, Han Bennink, Greg Goodman, Mats Gustafsson, Joelle Leandre, Thomas Lehn, Paul Lovens, Louis Moholo, Butch Morris, Evan Parker, Rova Quartet, Cecil Taylor.

Vojtěch Procházka (1981) is a piano player, composer and improviser from Prague, Czech Republic. He received his master’s degree in jazz and improvised music in 2012 at NMH, Oslo, Norway. He also studied composition, jazz piano and North Indian Classical Music in Paris and Prague. 

Since 2002 Vojtěch is active in Prague-based original jazz band Vertigo (Czech Jazz Grammy 2005 and 2011). His other focus is Indian music, on which he collaborates with Norwegian-Indian violin player Harpreet Bansal in Bansal Trio and Bansal Band. Vojtěch also composes film music and improvises for silent movies. 

Last but not least Vojtěch is an active improviser and works mainly in duo with multi-instrumentalist Georgy Bagdasarov or singer Agnes Hvizdalek. Vojtěch is also a member of bands Krekso, FSKC Drancy and PIO (Prague Improvisation Orchestra). 

His main instruments are piano, harmonium, keyboards and electronics. 

Michal Wróblewski (1988) is Czech composer and saxophone player based in Prague. He studied improvised music and jazz performance at JAMU (Janáček Academy of Music) in Brno and Norwegian Academy of Music in Oslo.

He is a leader of different projects both in Norway and Czech Republic and he has been collaborating with various musicians from all over the world as an improviser. In his composed work he usually works with an element of improvisation and freedom of interpreting.

Vstupné dobrovolné/Free entry.