Workshop on relatives, interrogatives, and alternatives

13/11 13:00 - 15/11
Sál 3D
Vstupné: Zdarma
Workshop on relatives, interrogatives, and alternatives

Relatives, interrogatives, alternatives is an international linguistic workshop on the morphology, syntax, and semantics of relative clauses, questions, information structure, and their mutual interfaces. It features presenters from around Europe, including the internationally renowned linguists Daniel Büring (Vienna), Hubert Truckenbrodt (Berlin), or Robert Truswell (Edinburgh), and talks on various languages and dialects, including Brazilian Portuguese, Macedonian, Lipovan Romanian, or the Czech Sign Language. The workshop deals with questions such as why interrogative and relative pronouns often look the same or what the relation is between questions and their answers. The presenters approach these and related research questions from diverse perspectives – theoretical and empirical, synchronic and diachronic, qualitative and quantitative.