Petr Mazoch + Anna Ruth & André Kellerberg + Nico Fontana Piano concert

12/12 19:30-22:00
Hlavní sál
Vstupné: 100 Kč
Petr Mazoch + Anna Ruth &  André Kellerberg + Nico Fontana Piano concert

Joined Piano Concert of Petr Mazoch and André Kellerberg
Petr Mazoch will be accompanied by vocalist Anna Ruth.
André Kellerberg will be accompanied by Nicolas Fontana who will create live visuals to the piano set.

Entry fee: 100 KC

André Kellerberg + Nico Fontana
André Kellerberg, originally from Germany, but living in CZ for almost 2 decades- is a classically trained pianist and composer who bridges and merges different genres- with classical, rock, electronic and ambient music elements- to create a unique soundscape, intimate but with a distinct fresh indie vibe. His latest album „Irradiant“ also caught much interest by well established neoclassical artists like Michael Price. For his Prague concert he is premiering a collaboration with Visual artist Nico Fontana ( ) who will provide live visuals. André Kellerberg will release his new album in Spring 2020 on Blue Spiral Records.


Mazoch+Anna Ruth
Petr Mazoch (*1987), composer and pianist based in Prague creates delicate, dramatic and intricately written instrumental songs. His pieces are mostly introspective and melancholic, combining current musical tendencies with established traditions of songwriting and composition. Mazoch performs with vocalist Anna Ruth, in electronic scene known as Koruth, who creates partly improvised ambient loop structures.