Hybrid Sessions #13

01/12 19:30-23:00
Hlavní sál
Vstupné: Zdarma
Hybrid Sessions #13
Photo by Anna Baštýřová.

Ian Mikyska – kytara

Michal Nejtek – klavír

Hybrid Sessions is a monthly series at Kampus Hybernská. We feature an opening improvised duo set with two musicians coming from different backgrounds to form a new constellation. Afterwards, we host a jam session open to all musicians, regardless of background. We want to create an open environment where musicians feel free to be creative in the moment, nothing is predetermined and the only expectation is a high level of presence. A basic backline will be provided. This time including the students of the Improvisation and Performance class at Department of Composition- HAMU (Academy of Music in Prague)

     Michal Nejtek was born on April 20th 1977 in Litomerice (North Bohemia). He studied the piano and composition at the Conservatory of Teplice. Then he continued his studies in composition with Svatopluk Havelka at the Music faculty of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague (1998 – 2003), and graduated with the chamber opera Dementia Preacox. He was commissioned to write music for the Warsaw Autumn Friends Foundation  (Distress Sonata; performed by the Katowice New Music Orchestra at the Warsaw Autumn Festival 2002), for Donaueschinger Musiktage 2002 (Thorn Into The Flesh) and for Klangspuren Festival 2006 (Frame Dreams). In 2003 the Dutch group DE VOLHARDING commissioned a piece from him for their Prague appearance (Irritating Of Inland; premiered in the ARCHA Theatre 2003).

      He has been working with the group The Plastic People of the Universe – he produced the orchestral version of the project based on texts by Ladislav Klíma Obešel já polí pět [I Have Gone Five Fields]) (premiere in 2002 in the ROXY club, Prague) and did the arrangement for the legendary Pašijové hry [Passion Play] (premiere in the ARCHA Theatre Prague, April 2004). Among his major works is the stage madrigal Lamenti for five voices and seven instruments (thematically based on a fragment of the Lamentations of Ariadne by Claudio Monteverdi), which like the opera Dementia Praecox was directed by Jiří Heřman. Recently he has also been writing stage music (U cíle [On Target], directed by Arnošt Goldflam, prem. 2004, Komedie Theatre; Klářiny vztahy [Clara’s Relationships], directed by Ivan Řezáč, prem. 2005, Švanda Theatre; Milada, directed by Jiří Ornest, prem. 2007, Na Zábradlí Theatre; Exit 89, directed by Jiří Havelka, prem. 2008, Archa Theatre; Radúz a Mahulena, directed by SKUTR, prem. 2011, National Theatre Brno; Medea, directed by Braňo Mazúch, prem. 2011, Lubuski Theatre, Zielona Gora etc.).

      Since 1998, he has been active as a pianist, composer and repertory planner in the AGON Ensemble, which in May 2002 gave a profile concert of his pieces in the Archa Theatre. Since 1995 he has played in Prague jazz groups. Now he plays keyboards in jazz and rock bands(NTS, Face Of The Bass, Limbo, David Koller Band, Michal Pavlíček).

      In  1998 – 2008 he taught music theory and piano improvisation at the Conservatory in Teplice, in 2006 – 2010 he taught history of jazz and composition at VOŠ Jaroslava Ježka in Prague. He occasionally contributes reviews to the magazine Harmonie. He regards composing and playing music as something like an adventurous walk in the jungle, and that is why he enjoys it.

Ian Mikyska

IS NOT A CZECHOSLOVAK COMPOSER living and working between London, Prague and Berlin.

He also dabbles as a translator, journalist, poet, banjoist, improviser and maker of video.

HIS MUSIC has been performed in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany, the UK, Armenia, Lithuania, Greece, Spain and France, and by ensembles and performers like the Anhaltische Philharmonie Dessau, Ostravská banda, members of the Prague Philharmonic, VENI Ensemble, 6daexit Ensemble Athens, Annette Schönmüller, Keiko Shichijo, Hayk Melikyan or Lucie Vítková.

HIS TEXTS, both creative, academic and journalistic, have been published in the anthology Abolishing Prague (Charles University Press) and magazines like Psí víno, Czech Music Quarterly, The Word Addict, The Goose – Journal for the Arts and the Environment in Canada, Slovo and Nový prostor. His first collection of poetry (in Czech) is set to be published in October 2016. Since 2012, he has been a reviewer and writer for HISvoice. Since 2016, he has been a concert reviewer for Bachtrack.

In 2013, HE CO-FOUNDED STRATOCLUSTER, AN ENSEMBLE FOCUSING ON MULTIMEDIA IMPROVISATION, mainly through the use of lighting and analogue projections. They have performed at numerous venues and festivals, and in May 2015 prepared a program of pieces by Ian and Dutch composer Samuel Vriezen, which they toured around the Czech Republic. They have released a net-album; Tamanrasset, on Signals from Arkaim, a casette, with design by Max Máslo, Jabka hrušky meotary, on Meteorismo, and their first CD, FM, will be released by renowned Czech label polí5 in 2018.

He often WORKS COLLABORATIVELY IN THEATRE, dance or performance and video art. He composed original music for a production of Marat/Sade by Peter Weiss at the Bohnice Psychiatric Hospital which was used as the basis for a film by Althea Thauberger, which then showed across North America and Europe. With Václav Gabriel Piňos, he co-authored The Analyses, loosely based on the life of composer Alois Piňos, for which he also composed the score. He also wrote and performed the music for Persona forte, a play by the artists Jan Pfeiffer and Markéta Magidová, premiered in Prague in 2015 and later shown as an installation piece in the PLATO Gallery in Ostrava. He also worked with the same artists on two video projects: Montage and Drž mi palce (Fingers Crossed), by Pfeiffer and Magidová respectively. Pfeiffer also curated his first solo show; an audiovisual installation at Galerie Pavilon (gallery of the Academy of Visual Arts in Prague) entitled 300‘ writing, in collaboration with Prokop Jelínek and Jaroslav Noga.

Ian is ALSO ACTIVE AS A TRANSLATOR of Czech poetry and prose into English. His translation of Filip Doušek’s novel Flock without Birds is set to be published in the UK, while his collaborative translation (with Veronika Pehe) of Lukáš Palán’s collection of poems Cunt Shit Hitler Prague will come outin 2016 with Jantar Publishing.–