9+ Hours with a Smena Camera

15/04 09:00-18:00
Knihovna věcí
Vstupné: 1000
9+ Hours with a Smena Camera

📸 A day-long workshop on analog photography with all equipment provided📸

If you learn how to take photos with a Smena camera, you can do it with any other one. While less perfect than their digital counterparts, film cameras still offer photographers something special. 💖

This workshop teaches how to use Smena cameras and develop black-and-white film to take artistic photographs that are technically flawless.

– All equipment is provided: Smena cameras, film, developing tanks, chemicals 📸
– Understand aperture, shutter, lens focusing, and light metering
– Practice photo shooting with the assistance of experienced photographers
– Develop and print black-and-white film yourself
– A unique custom-made instant film camera as a training device
– A limited number of participants

Why Smena?
– It’s easy to get one and hard to break it
– As a gadget it doesn’t need charging : )

– Vladimir Gorshenin, https://hackaday.io/project/174394-l2-camera
– Anton Nurgatin, https://instagram.com/omngnom

The workshop will be held in English 🇬🇧

The Library of Things organizes the workshop and the meeting place will be on the first floor of the Studentska Hybernská.