»GF« Sexuality and Identity In History

24/11 19:00-22:00
B.1 Sál
Vstupné: Zdarma
»GF« Sexuality and Identity In History

How does a society institute norms and standards of sexuality, and how do people subvert these norms? What behaviors, relationships, expressions, and representations of sexuality are celebrated, and which are condemned, or even forbidden by law? Many like to believe that sexuality and sexual identities have basis in nature, in physiology, or in theology, but throughout history, evidence shows that sexuality evolves in terms of social identity. Throughout various historical periods and societies, a range of approaches to mainstreaming, criminalizing, regulating, and suppressing sexuality come into favor with those in power, and in their legacies, shape the trajectory of the evolution of identity. Instutions and subcultures may even emerge and cultivate new sexualities. Join for a presentation, focused discussion, and informal chat about a range of historic lenses to view and judge sexuality.