HYB4 GALERIE: Eduardo Lara / The Blind Men Series

06/10 18:00 - 27/10
Galerie HYB4
Vstupné: Zdarma
HYB4 GALERIE: Eduardo Lara / The Blind Men Series
Do you enjoy the privilege of the view? Imagine absolute blindness. The series of paintings, drawings, engravings and objects presents us with the artist's vision of what it is like to live in darkness. How do those of us who see the world imagine those who do not see, those who perceive the world with other senses? How could a blind man who does not know light imagine the stars?

Dark stars is perhaps the answer. If there were a lamp of darkness, it would be possible for a blind man to use it to orient himself in the daytime, so that those of us who see need light to orient ourselves in the dark; absurd, paradoxical, ironic and apparently mocking situations. But this mockery is directed towards the one who sees, who is incapable of understanding a situation that is not his own, a world where the most precious sense, sight, is lacking. If Narcissus had been blind, would he have drowned from his own vanity or from accidentally falling into the pool? Possibly. A world where Oedipus would have been a perennial King.

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