HYB4 Dílna: Basic woodworking skills and techniques [ENG]

13/12 18:00-21:00
Cirkulární dílna
Vstupné: 550 Kč
HYB4 Dílna: Basic woodworking skills and techniques [ENG]

In this course you will learn the most basic skills and principles of woodworking. We will start by learning the most important skill of every woodworker, measuring and marking your material to cut. After this we will move on to the safe use of the most common power tools used in woodworking. The next step will be to gain a basic understanding of how to design your project to insure strength and durability. Finally, for the second half of the class you will have time to put what you learned into practice. This time can be used for you to work on any project you like with the advice and assistance of the instructor. 

The course is taught in English.

Capacity: 6 people
Instructor: Jim Donnelly

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