Booking conditions
We would be happy to welcome you to our premises with an interesting event or project. However, we do have a few rules to follow when providing our space.

How is the program at Kampus Hybernská created?

The program at Kampus Hybernská is created on the basis of the activities of the following entities:

  1. Kampus Hybernská, z.ú.
  2. Hyb4City
  3. Didaktikon
  4. Studentská Hybernská
  5. Residents of Charles University or Kampus Hybernská, z.ú.
  6. Intra-university projects and initiatives
  7. Based on ad hoc collaboration with faculties and units of Charles University and non-university partners from the non-profit, public or private sphere

All such activities must be directed towards the development of Charles University and the City of Prague within the framework of the Kampus Hybernská project and are subject to the approval process of the Kampus Hybernská Program Board.

For whom is the space available for an ad hoc event?

Basically for any individual or entity that brings an activity in line with the objectives of the Kampus Hybernská project. The main goal is to harness the innovation potential of the Charles University for the benefit of the citizens of the city, creating an ecosystem of cultural innovations with an emphasis on the positive social and environmental impacts of research and innovation, and addressing grand societal challenges in a comprehensive, interdisciplinary manner. The availability of spaces and implementation teams is also a prerequisite.

What are the goals of Kampus Hybernská?

  1. INNOVATION. Utilising academic knowledge, promoting the application of research outputs in practice and cultivating new themes through interdisciplinary meetingsand cross-sectoral encounters.
  2. COMMUNITY. Solving problems of the city, citizens and sub-communities and practical application of knowledge from different disciplines of the Charles University for innovation. Harnessing the innovative potential of student initiatives and associations. Creating a space to bring together the arts, social sciences, and humanities with interdisciplinary overlap into the technical, medical, or natural sciences, with an emphasis on the needs of the city and society.
  3. CULTURE AND CREATIVITY. Creation of a creative and innovative space that links cultural and social events with science and education and brings the added value of the academia to them. Kampus not only supports student societies and activities outside of the formal education, but also provides a platform for PhD students and supports community life in the academia.
  4. EDUCATION. Cooperation with primary and secondary schools and the public, science festivals, the Didaktikon education centre, selected activities of the Junior university and the university of the third age, and lifelong learning. In addition, the operation of a circular hub to promote sustainable thinking and action and other activities to support community life, including an academic café and reading room.
  5. INTERNATIONALISATION: Establishing the international links of the Charles University and its academic partners abroad as a source of inspiration and reflection. At the same time, promoting the synergies of Prague as a multicultural metropolis with a rich influx of visitors from all over the world.

By what criteria is the appropriateness of the activity judged?

Five principles are defined, which serve as reference points for fulfilling the common ambition of the Partners as defined in the Kampus Hybernská Partnership Agreement:

  1. The activity fulfils the framework thematic areas of the program content of the Kampus Hybernská Project Contract (see the Kampus Hybernská objectives above),
  2. the activity harnesses the knowledge or creative potential of universities and public colleges that have a positive impact on the space or community of the City of Prague,
  3. the activity represents an educational or cultural activity as a service to citizens,
  4. the activity supports the innovation ecosystem of the Charles University in the urban space on the basis of interdisciplinary or inter-faculty links or contributes to the development of Kampus Hybernská, which is a key ambition of both Partners as its founders,
  5. the activity contributes to the visibility of Kampus Hybernská in the international space.

Under what conditions can I use the space?

The buildings of Kampus Hybernská have a dual mode of operation. Part of the space is given to the Charles University for use, part to the Kampus Hybernská.

The condition for using the premises is:

  1. free capacity of the premises on the requested date,
  2. available human capacity on the requested date,
  3. consistency of the event with the objectives of Kampus Hybernská,
  4. if applicable, the reimbursement of operating costs, technical support and the provision of organizational and technical services for the event.

The event must be arranged no later than the 20th of the previous month in order to be included in the communication plan. The 'first come - first served' rule applies.

Do I have to pay anything for the venue?

In Kampus Hybernská, activities based on interest in cooperation with third parties can take place in three modes according to the partnership agreement between Charles University and the Prague City Hall:

  1. the costs of the event are fully covered by the third party,
  2. the costs of the event are shared between the third party and Kampus Hybernská,
  3. the costs of the event are borne to a greater extent by Kampus Hybernská as part of a close partnership with the third party

Kampus Hybernská in this sense means the implementation teams of Hyb4City, Kampus Hybernská, z.ú. and Didaktikon.

The suitability of entering into this close partnership is evaluated by the management of the Hyb4City Department or Kampus Hybernská, z.ú., and submitted to the Program Board of Kampus Hybernská for a decision. This close partnership is evaluated on the basis of the extent to which the action can contribute to the objectives of the Kampus Hybernská project.

The total cost of the event charged to the third party depends not only on the content of the event according to the above scheme, but also on the duration of the event, the technical complexity, the space used for the event, the communication and staffing requirements, the equipment of the space, etc. The cost of the event can therefore vary for the reasons mentioned above, and so can be different each time even for the same partner. To find out more precise costs of the event, it is necessary to contact the production of Hyb4City, Didaktikon or Kampus Hybernská, z.ú. No other entity has the right to offer space in Kampus Hybernská to third parties.

What kind of help can I expect from you in the realization of the event?

We try to be as helpful as possible to our partners and offer our experience in organising events. Our partnership can be based on the preparation of a rented space, we will also post the event on our website and poster. If the technical and human capacity allows, we can make an audio-visual recording or stream the event in some venues. We also have verified caterers for events that we will be happy to connect you with. Under certain conditions and in certain venues, we can also accommodate an event that places minimal demands on our implementation team, for which you will be responsible from start to finish - you should leave the venue in the same condition as you found it.

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